Our Employer TO Various Companies

At present, Our company is having contracts for supply of manpower in the following reputed and celebrated companies.

M/s Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

M/s Bosch Chassis Systems India Ltd

M/s Foundation brakes international India Ltd

M/s NTF India pvt Ltd

M/s SKH Metals Ltd.

M/s Blaser Swisslube India Ltd.

M/s Brembo Brakes Pvt Ltd.

M/s Fedex logistics India Ltd.

M/s Interface Micro Systems

M/s Gindre India Ltd

M/s Funfoods India Pvt. Ltd

M/s Inergy Automotive Ltd

M/s Anand Nishikawa Ltd

Data Bank

We have a data bank of biodata of various categories of officials, which is perennially, update. The candidates are personally intervened by our managers and the document such as education and technical qualification is checked and verified by us .The resident proof and their background is also screened by us before engaging them in various companies.

Welfare Measures

Group Personal Accident Policy:- All Employees under our rolls are covered under the group personal accident policies which we have obtain from M/s Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd & M/s Iffco-Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Safety Training:- All Employees are given safety training by our company by a well qualified safety manager appointed by us on regular basis and the training under safety is a perennial process.

Uniform:- All Employees are given winter as well as summer uniforms of good quality.

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